Candidate Services – Permanent

Job-hunting can be a daunting task. Perhaps you are currently out of work and frantically searching for a new position; you may have a job but have always dreamed of a different career path; or, maybe you just don’t like where you currently work. Whatever your circumstances you don’t have to face the challenge of finding a new job alone.

How we can help

Our recruitment service offers support to individuals searching for work within the construction and civil engineering sectors.

Footprint Recruitment works with you to help you find your ideal role; guiding you, every step of the way, through the various stages and obstacles - searching for suitable vacancies, putting together an impressive cv and even helping you prepare for interviews. We offer a full-scale service, meaning it doesn’t stop after the interview stage, even if you are successful; we know further support is needed to help you settle into your new job.

Communication is an essential part of our service. We know just how nerve-racking this process can be, so we aim to make contact as much as possible, keeping you up to date and allowing you to discuss any concerns.

Here’s a more in-depth outline of what our service entails:


  • We aim to meet all of the people we work with or on behalf of. This allows us to get to know you, your experience, your skillset and, importantly, what has motivated your decision to seek employment and what you are looking for in a new role.
  • Competition for work is high and we want you to have the best possible chances, so we look over your cv, advise on how you can improve it and work alongside you to amend it.
  • In addition, we provide advice and tips to help you improve your interview skills. If you are prepping for an interview for a specific role, then we would tailor this advice accordingly, so you are able to showcase the relevant skills and experience required.
  • An action plan will be made based on your needs.

During the selection process:

  • We know this can be an anxious time, so we aim to make regular contact and keep you as informed as possible.
    When an appropriate opportunity arises we will contact you to discuss the role. Providing you are interested, we will then forward your details to the employer for consideration. If there are time constraints, we will make the decision based on your action plan.
  • Once a meeting has been arranged we provide you with as much information as possible – a job specification, a profile on the person you are meeting, advice about how you fit the role and company, guidance on the best interview technique to use and an interview confirmation letter and map.
  • If necessary we can meet you before the interview for further guidance, if you feel this would be useful.

Post interview:

  • We will speak with you after the interview to see how you got on. Whether or not you are successful, we will obtain feedback from the interviewer as this can be useful for future reference.

Follow up:

  • We maintain contact after you start a position for a period of 3 months. This is to ensure both you, and the company, are happy. If there are any issues of concern then we endeavor to rectify these, acting as an intermediary, if necessary.

Why us

With our extensive knowledge and experience we take the stress out of your job search whilst optimising your chances of success.

We provide both candidate and client services, as such we want to satisfy both parties. So with us, you have extra assurance that we’ll work our hardest to find you the right position, with the right company, enabling both parties to flourish.

We happily welcome new candidates as well as those we’ve worked with previously. Contact us today and let us make our expertise work to your advantage.

Candidate Services – Freelance

Freelance working comes with many benefits, but can be a tricky situation to navigate by yourself.

It doesn’t matter if you are new to the world of freelancing and require help and guidance to get started, or if you are an established freelance contractor looking for a new opportunity; nor does it make a difference whether you wish to work on a short or long-term basis. We are here to help with all your freelancing needs.

With over twenty-five years’ combined experience supplying temporary staff within the construction industry, the team at Footprint Recruitment fully understands the concerns and needs of all freelance contractors.

Why work freelance?

Working on a freelance basis can be empowering, giving you greater control over your own working conditions and increased flexibility over where and when you work. But working freelance brings with it advantages and disadvantages, and you should think over all of its possible effects before proceeding.

However, some of the benefits to consider include:

  • Tax advantages - There are many tax benefits for freelance workers, which can lead to a higher take home salary. Such benefits are, of course, fully compliant with current HMRC regulations;
  • Flexible working - You decide how many hours you work, the location where you work and how many days holiday you take;
  • Short or long-term contracts - You may be between positions, after a redundancy or relocation, and require a short-term position to plug the employment gap. Alternatively you may have done short-term freelance work in the past but your personal circumstances now mean you’d like a more stable working arrangement through a longer-term contract. As a freelancer the decision of which type of contract you work under is in your hands.

If you’d like to find out more about working as a freelance contractor or simply wish to go ahead and start looking for a freelance position get in touch with us at Footprint Recruitment.